Thursday, July 06, 2006

Leave for tour today

I leave for a big ol' month long tour today in an hour or so. I'll be using the blog to keep an online diary going which will hopefully document the straight shot success of Akimbo rising to the title of 'even better than rock gods'. But most likely it will be an amusing telling of our latest journey through disaster and social mockery.

The other day Maria and I had some cream puffs. They were pretty disgusting as you can see. But I wouldn't be honoring the Weisnewski family crest if I didn't eat it anyways. Shit was delicious.

Max helped me finish the last few bites. He's a good cat. He's in my lap purring right now. I'm pretty sure when I get up to leave I will be bleeding.

I almost gave up. Those things were awful. They tasted like snot cakes. But at the last minute Maria shouted words of bravery and encouragement and I rose to the task. I couldn't let her down and just leave the cream puffs to rot in the garbage. A hungry homeless person might get them.

That's right. Don't fuck with me. This could be you.


Maria said...

Wow Jon. I really did think this moment was going to be kept private forever in our memory box, but okay. Whatever.

Blair said...

Stoked to see that you are blogging the tour. You've got a lot to live up to. You gonna take video too? I'm scheduled next saturday for the El Corazon show, but I'm trying to get it covered so I can party with the dudes!