Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A formal, public apology to Yip Yip.

Dearest Brian and Jason. I feel it is necessary to extend a public, humble apology to you and your legacy. It was brought to my attention recently by our mutual friend and associate Michelle Cable that I have inadvertantly defaced your band wi
th a small typo, causing irrepairable harm to your public image and potential confusion and disaster amongst the veritable army of Yip Yip fans across the world. The offending text was posted in my tour blog on Akimbo's myspace, Michelle's blog page, and of course this blog as well, and reads as follows.

The first treat was meeting Brian and Josh of Yip Yip and observing them interact with each other for the first time."

Mr. Jason Temple, I am a serious douche for calling you "Josh" and for this I am sorry. While I, along with many others am a complete shit bag when it comes to remembering names, I won't make any excuses for this novice error. Our short time together was an energetic, potent bro down, full of vigor and enthusiasm, and I feel I have forever tainted these memories with my inattentive sloppy bullshit at the computer, typing out lies and slander like I'm selling real estate. In addition to this misconstrued title I have heaved upon your grace, I would also like you two to know that my comments about your bickering with Brian are nothing but endearing and I mean no ill will when I talk about the time he hit you in the head. I really really like In the Reptile House and you guys were super sweet live, even when your keyboards were breaking.

I hope you can forgive me for this mistake, and that someday we can again confuse the shit out of audiences by playing together.