Wednesday, January 30, 2008

AD&D Terrain

Ever since age 12 I've been a huge fan of and have played pen and paper role playing games. About a year or so ago my childhood friend, cohort of many teenage adventures, and easily the best DM I've ever played with got in touch and we started playing AD&D 2nd Edition in Forgotten Realms again for the first time in years.

I play an elf thief who has reached 7th level so far and has narrowly escaped death in just about every gaming session we've had. He's almost been annihilated by tribal Uthgart Barbarians, a 100' tall demon spider known as Bebelith (twice), hordes of Demon-Elf half breed warriors, a shifty backstabbing asshole thief named Tiger Bloodshanks, a Carrion Crawler (totally embarrasing), a Gnoll fighter/mage and his giant serpent familiar, and a necromancer that summoned more Wights than would ever be considered reasonable.

Aside from being a great DM, Jon (pictured below) is also an amazing terrain builder. Here are some pictures from some of our recent games.


maria said...

cute! love it. would be funny if he built a miniature version of you.

angry jerk with computer said...

jon! get on that. i'd like a miniature of myself please.

Jonathan said...

Just wait until Todd Gamble is done training me! I can't wait to produce realistic, professional-grade gaming terrain. We're going to start an online store where gamers and railroad model enthusiasts can purchase our creations, and have them shipped to their waiting hands!

maria said...

Oh brilliant idea! Miniatures are a dying art form.